Are you a parent? Do you have a plan?

Welcome to The Whole Peach.

What is this?

No, we are not selling fruit. The Whole Peach is a metaphor for our vision of living “life to the full” as expressed in John 10:10 in the Bible and how we are working it out in our family. This website is an invitation to join us as we walk.

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How are we different?

We are simple, but we are deep! We are not interested in behavior modification; we are interested in heart development as we all run hard after God. Ron and I often say – we want to raise compelled children not compliant children!

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What do I do?

We are inviting you to 2 things – a story and a plan! The Stories paint the pictures of “John 10:10 living,” and the Plan is our best attempt at getting it working in the daily fabric of your family. There are 3 parts to the Plan – a language, a tool and a community.

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"There is no obligation that has greater significance than parenting." -George Barna Get Started