5th day to PRAY for 2015!

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As Ron was blending his smoothie lunch yesterday, he said: “I have another “P” word for you – ‘pleasant places.'” Surely, these “P” words are over by now, but it is not to be. Another “P.”

“Pleasant places – from Psalm, chapter 16. “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.” Ron and I usually talk about this verse with our kids as it relates to discipline and the boundaries we set. While those boundaries at times feel like limits and have a negative connotation associated with them, these lines are actually for their good and keep them in Father’s way. We don’t want to miss out on the “delightful inheritance” associated with staying in those boundary lines. So, how do you determine the “boundary lines?”

This brings up my last dinner conversation with my friends over the weekend. Remember, I asked my friends what was on their heart for 2015? Rhoda’s word for us and for her family was about living by the scripture. She spoke of the light and the darkness, and that in our coming days, it is going to be so imperative that our children understand the truth. In these times, the darkness is raging. There is power for our families as we stay in the word of God. We find the boundary lines when we sink our minds and hearts into his word and begin to make our decisions from his light. The darkness is dispelled, and we walk forward in the strength and stability of his direction. No better place to live! No better place to start!

His word, the Bible, is a love letter and lighthouse. Let’s pray today for roughed-up Bibles in the center of our kitchen tables. Let’s pray for rich conversations around our tables centered in his truth! Is there anything more important than to equip, empower and encourage our children with the truth? Leaning in to this for each of our families this year!

For more words on those dinner table conversations with the Bible, check out Study. We have some ideas for you!

One idea you could do today is bring out the Bibles, open up to Psalm 16, read it together as a family, circle all the things you see describing God and underline all the things we are to do. We call this the “Who are you, God? and what do you want me to do?” activity. You will be amazed at the great conversation you will have as well as all the incredible things Father is up to in these verses.

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