“A Cool Diversion with the Story cards”

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This year we tried something different with the Story cards. Instead of going through each card week by week, we just put all of them on the Family board and grabbed a version of the Bible called The Story. It is a chronological retelling of the Bible published by Zondervan – pretty cool. Our kids liked it, and it was a different way to discover Father’s heart for us in his Word right from the start.

We read a chapter or two each time we sat down together and then looked for Story cards as we read. It was rich to take a piece of Scripture and find the Story cards hidden within it. It gave the kids a different understanding of each card as they had to defend why they believed that story matched up with that Story card: Father God loves (card #1) or saves (card #2) or wins (card #3), etc.

Throughout our copy of The Story, we would just write the card we saw and then kept a running list on our family board of the treasures we were finding. No drawings this time, just conversations and discoveries. It was good!

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