Story cards

What are the Story cards?

They are 5 statements that share the essence of what the Bible says, at least what I think right now as I continue to work out my faith, understand his great story and respond to his insatiable love. After the statement is a list of stories to read, verses to discover, pictures to peruse, songs to sing – all based on the ideas of the card. There are endless avenues to roam as your family explores together the main ideas of the Bible.


When purchasing the Story cards, you are getting 1 poster and 5 cards. The poster shows you first how the Story cards fit into the overall plan. Second, there is a “Getting Started” guide that shows you the simple way to walk through a Story card with your children. Last, you will receive 5 cards that will lead you year after year in great conversations with your family.

When purchasing the Story card Commune studies, you are getting 5 weeks of small group curriculum geared for elementary age children but certainly could be tailored to kids older or younger than elementary. If you want to work through the Story cards together with other families, this is the perfect addition to your Story cards. It is easy to facilitate and simple to deliver!


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How do I use the Story cards?


The Story cards have started the conversation for our family with Father God and his words, the Bible. They keep us focused on the main things too and remembering the bigger story amidst the details of our day. All you have to do is gather your family around the table, put your Bibles in the center of things, grab a card and begin. The only other matierals you might need is construction paper and markers to draw some pictures of what you discover.


Why Story cards?

I am a parent. I have three children – Maya, Ada and Carson. And day after day, they look at me, listen to me and respond to me. And I want to help them along the way. Perhaps even help them bypass a few mistakes based on the ones I have made. I want them to succeed and have grand adventures.

So, here’s the other thing. I have a Bible, and I believe it. The Bible and its truth is my foundation; and I have found no greater blessing than to live my life based on this truth. And I want the “little people” in my home to know it too.

I wanted them to know God’s powerful story of love, overwhelm them with his pursuit and invitation and use language that reflected his intent. I wanted to keep it simple, short and to the point. And I wanted to give them the scope of the whole story found in the Bible. The Story cards are a result of these wants.