“A Me card Interview with Maya, Ada and Carson”

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For Journal this week, the kids had to pretend they were being interviewed about the Me cards. I created some questions and just asked them to write their responses. We have worked through the Me cards about 4 times now over the years. I thought it would be rich to see what they are getting and how they are processing! And I thought it would be great encouragement for you! So, here are some questions and the answers they wrote.

1. What are the Me cards?
The Me cards simply tell you who you are in Christ. – Maya
The Me cards are pictures of gifts that God gives us. – Carson
The Me cards are our identity in Christ. – Ada

2. Where do they come from?
The Bible

3. Why do you do the Me cards?
We do them, because it helps you be able to be secure in yourself. – Maya
They help us have a right mind-set. – Carson
Sometimes I get caught in what I look like. When I am in that thinking, I go back and think about the cards. – Ada

4. How do you do them?
We read the verse, and then we talk about the verse. We draw a picture about the verse and present our drawings. Last, we pray together. – Maya
The Me cards are simple. You just pick them up and do them. – Carson
We do what the card says to do. – Ada

5. If I do them with my family, how will they help me?
You will get to spend time with your family when you do the Me cards. – Ada
It will help you in times when you are lost or when you are being accused by people. You will know who you are in Christ. – Maya
The Me cards will help you know who you are! – Carson

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