Our Story

We are just peaceful wrecks holding hands with other peaceful wrecks.

By Tillie Olsen in Tell Me A Riddle

The reality of the day is at times not easy. There have been many days when we feel beyond our capacity by 9 or so in the morning. Life with three children sixteen months apart is enough to make your head spin on a regular basis. Then, you add work and the pressure to provide, the never-ending stacks of laundry, how to educate your children, the football games you don’t get to watch, the baggage of past issues, keeping your car filled with gas, trying to work out, keeping pace in your schedule, remembering to call your friends on their birthday, conflict resolution for the 30th time and having some kind of meal each evening to the mix, and you just become dizzy.

In the midst of this seeming chaos, there is peace because of a great gift. And it is this gift that we love to share. We have been talking with Father God for some years now about this “life to the full” (John 10:10) that he speaks of in his Word. We are working it out each and every day! There is more beyond the circumstances of win/loss, performance/failure or acceptance/rejection. Our affirmation and motivation comes from our Creator.

While at an early age we believed in God and all that he has done for us through Jesus, walking in friendship with Father God is a fresh experience. It was a religion that we practiced but never a relationship that we discovered. We celebrate his nearness, his support, his direction and his love. We need him and have found life with him to be extravagant! The Whole Peach came as a result of this revelation. It is a way of seeing, a way of living and a way to share all of this with our children! For more of our story, you can also check out our stories along the way. And for more of our resume, click here.


Ron Hagan

Middle name: William Birth Date: 5-26-1971 Married: Karla (5-29-93) Children: Maya (2-2-02), Ada (2-2-02) and Carson (6-17-03) Mission in Life: Pursue God, Love my Wife, Lead my Family, Build my Business and Share the Story (Matthew 11:28-30, Joshua 1:9 and Psalm 37:3-4) Favorites: the Colorado mountains, connecting people, the kids’ faces after a night’s sleep, Pandora.com, C.S. Lewis, getting around in new cities with Karla, meeting a need, long dinners, King David, a good pen, a nice cup of strong coffee, watching Ada run on the soccer field, Darrell Evans, Fernando Ortega and Kevin Walker, time to reflect and journal, John 4 in the Bible, skiing in a white-out or the warmth of spring, my Trek bike, reading at night, Maya’s touch, seeing people growing and experiencing God, Richard Foster, a run through River Legacy Park, college football on a Saturday in the fall, 11:11, “investing in relationships,” baseball with Carson, time with mentors, good lighting in a room, sitting on my front porch, No Mercy, Rodney Atkins, Whole Earth Provision Co., a good suit, and conversations with Father.



Karla Hagan

Middle name: Beth Birthdate: 2-19-1971 Married: Ron (5-29-93) Children: Maya (2-2-02), Ada (2-2-02) and Carson (6-17-03) Mission in Life: Knowing God, Seeing his treasures and Walking in Love! (Jeremiah 9:24, Amos 5:4, and 2 John 6) Favorites: journaling, my roughed-up Bible, sun on my face, fires in the backyard, watching Maya, Ada and Carson when they don’t know that I’m watching, words and writing them, the color red, the smell of old books, homemade hot sauce, Malbec, the view from my kitchen table, a date with Ron, the movie 1492, Dallas Willard, the book of Hosea, a Saturday full of sports events, a bargain, Whole Foods, art that moves me and music that sings what I’m thinking, Old Navy flip flops and a sun dress, our word for the year, the quiet of the morning, words that build up not tear down, the great smell of dirt from my compost bin, C.S. Lewis, the family board, my Breville juicer, Carson’s deep eyes, Maya’s tight hugs, Ada’s contagious laugh, when Kevin sings “Show Yourself,” a good walk around the neighborhood, Duck Dynasty, anticipation, watching my kids learn to ski and butterflies!