The Whole Peach Story

“No, Daddy, I want the whole peach this time.”
The story of The Whole Peach is a symbol of our journey. In that moment in our kitchen during the spring of 2005, Father God spoke to our heart his greater story for our family. And it is this story that we want to share with our children.


It began with a simple request from our daughter but continues to be a shaping illustration of our purpose.


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It is a story he has always been telling and longing for us to hear. So, what is the story? And who is he that has been telling it? The story is“life to the full.”It’s extravagance whether in plenty or pain; it’s real without agenda or arrogance. A “life to the full” has been scripted by our Father God since the beginning of time, and he invites us today to see, seek and savor all that he is and wants us to be.

A picture of this extravagancehappened at our breakfast table one spring morning in 2005. Maya, Ada and Carson were miraculously in their respective spots at the table with the chosen spoon, cup and bowl eating their “granola and flakes.” I was making lunches for preschool that day, and Ron was finishing up with the breakfast requests. Little did we know what Father had planned to whisper in our ear as Ron stood looking at the fruit bowl.

“Hey, Maya,” Ron said, “would you like a peach in your cereal?” Ron knew that Maya’s favorite fruit was a peach and especially over her cereal in the morning. This was one of our first mornings for peaches as they were just coming in season. Maya gladly accepted the offer.

Just as always, Ron washed the peach, pealed the peach and began cutting small bite-size chunks into Maya’s cereal. This was the way Maya had always asked for it, and the way we had always given it to her. She was grateful. After enjoying each bite of the peach and finishing her cereal, she asked, “Daddy, can I have another peach?”

Ron remembered the other half of the peach still on the counter and said, “Sure, honey, would you like for me to cut it up again, or do you want these slices?”

“Daddy, I want the slices, just like that with the skins on,” Maya said. She consumed the slices and began looking over at the fruit bowl on the counter.

“Daddy, I want more peach.” All that was left was one peach still in the fruit bowl. Ron held it up to her and said, “Do you want me to cut it?”

“No, Daddy, I want the whole peach this time. Don’t cut it,” Maya requested.

Ron says, “Are you sure? I can cut it up for you. What are you going to do with it?” And I have to say that I was a bit puzzled too. What was Maya going to do with a whole peach? She had never had it that way before or asked for it.

Without hesitation, Maya grabbed it from Ron’s hand, held that magnificent peach in her hands and lifted it to her face. She sunk her teeth deep into it, and the juice flowed down her chin all over her shirt. Her look of satisfaction was overwhelming, and her giggle was contagious.

Both Ron and I stood there and marveled at our 3-year-old daughter asking for“the whole peach this time, Daddy!”She ate every last bite and laughed all the way through it. As we watched her, we knew there was more. I remember standing in the kitchen with Ron, staring at each other in the middle of something extravagant – “the whole peach this time, Daddy.” We should ask for the same!

Over the next several days, Ron and I talked with Father about this moment. You see, we believe Father speaks. We believe that often he uses our everyday details to say something important. So, we watch; we listen, and we ask. And we knew there was more he wanted to say about the whole peach! I recorded in my journal some of what we believe Father God was saying to us in this experience.

“Sweet girl, ask me for the whole peach too! Say it – ‘the whole peach this time, Daddy.’ You are not satisfied with the small bite-size chunks that you have had for all these years. They are known and safe, and you are grateful. But there is more to me, and there is more to life! Ask me for it all.

Maya was bold. She knew there was more, and she asked for it without restraint. You have a choice. Your responsibilities, your calendar, your wants cannot rule you. If you believe my Word, I invite you to a table of treasures – adventure, extravagance, and peace. In me, you are complete. And together, we are one. Say the same to me – ‘the whole peach this time, Daddy.’

Once you gave that peach to Maya, she grabbed it with both hands and let the sweet juice trickle down her cheeks. Did you see her face? Grab hold of it too – the ‘life to the full’ only found in me. Ask, seek and pursue me for your inheritance and watch the juice of blessing fall on you. But you must also understand, this ‘life’ is still messy. We will need to have conversations about trust. You are not asking for a life without pain. You are asking for all of me, the giver of all good things, and what I want you to know. You are asking for sight.

Last, did you notice your delight in seeing her delight? You both took such joy in watching her.I feel the same way about you. You delight me. And I want a life with you.The Whole Peach is for you.  Come to my table and experience my ‘life.’ Can you taste it?”




“Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare. Give ear and come to me; hear me, that your soul may live.” Isaiah 55:2-3