What is pray?

. . . . a tool to pray the Bible over your family.

I wanted to begin in the Bible and create prayers around Father’s words, because, really, I didn’t know entirely what to pray. I get tied up in the behavior and what I see in my day to day, but I am resolved to live the greater story, and his Word invites me there. To pray Father’s words over my children is such a better idea! My goal is to pray the entire Bible over my children before they leave my home.

When I am writing the cards, I begin with a book of the Bible, reading and listening. Father God will stop me and encourage me to pray this verse or group of verses. So, it is not a verse by verse prayer deal. Together, we come up with the verses he wants me to put to a prayer card. So far, I have written cards over Psalms, John, and James.


When you purchase a set of pray cards you are getting 31 cards to pray over your children. This is a one-month supply of cards, one prayer for every day of the month. The cards are a convenient 4×6 size, and each one contains scripture and a prayer responding to God’s word.


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Available Sets

– Psalms 1-27
– Psalms 28-52
– Psalms 53-73
– Psalms 74-100 [coming soon]
– Psalms 101-124 [coming soon]
– Psalms 125-150 [coming soon]
– John [coming soon]
– James [coming soon]


How do I use pray?

1. Put this set of 31 cards somewhere that you go every day like your car, your kitchen sink, your bathroom mirror, etc. Choose a place where you complete a rote task that requires little thinking. For example, place the cards over your kitchen sink. As you are washing the dishes, pray. Place the cards by your bathroom sink. As you are brushing your teeth, pray. Place the cards near your diaper changer. As you are changing a diaper, pray. Place the cards in your car. As you are driving to work, pray. When you arrive at this place each day, take a card and use the words written to commune with God on the topic of your child/ren.

2. When you find yourself in this place, read the verse(s). Pray the prayer. Personalize the prayer inserting your child/ren’s name in the blank spaces provided.

Enjoy the adventure! Recognize the power! Anticipate his miracles!


Why pray?

One tool or spiritual discipline that helps me as a parent get beyond the “crazy” is prayer, lots and lots of prayer. When we pray, we are looking beyond ourselves to figure it out and releasing that control to Father God. I feel like prayer is somewhat like a door. On one side of the door is the world and the details of my day. On the other side of the door is the spiritual realm and his truth. When I pray, I open the door and watch the spiritual realm become a reality in my day to day. I hold open the door through prayers and petitions to Father God. Prayer changes the course of my children’s future. Prayer wages war against the demonic forces that so desire to capture their hearts.

This conviction began after reading the paragraph below in a Beth Moore study. It was the summer of 1998, and I was involved in a bible study entitled “Jesus, the One and Only” with a group of friends. Although I didn’t have kids at the time, this quote from Beth Moore stuck with me.

“I had the occasion several years ago to meet a Pastor’s wife who had raised four boys to adulthood. All four were mighty men of God in vocational ministry. I was overwhelmed. I inquired of the secret to her parental success through the years when her husband was virtually absent. I’ll never forget her response. She said, ‘I lived Lamentations 2:19.’ I could not wait to get to my hotel room and look it up” (Jesus, The One and Only, 1996 Living Proof, Inc. 39).

“Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint from hunger at the head of every street.” Lamentations 2:19

Lamentations? I had never heard of that book and certainly did not know where it was in the Bible, but, wow, what a verse! May each of us “arise, cry aloud in the night on behalf of our children.” God encourages us in this verse to dedicate ourselves to this activity of prayer. I even sense a desperation in this verse, and I appreciate that. I feel like the writer understands the “crazy” but sees the power in the midst to pray!

“Prayer heals. Not just the answer to prayer. When we give up our competition with God and offer God every part of our heart holding back nothing at all, we come to know God’s love for us and discover how safe we are in his embrace.”
Henri Nouwen