Perhaps you are asking . . .

1. The Whole Peach - are you selling fruit or something?

No, we are not selling fruit. The Whole Peach is a metaphor for our vision of living “life to the full” as expressed in John 10:10 in the Bible and how we are working it out in our family. This website is an invitation to join us as we walk.

2. What is different about The Whole Peach?

2 reasons. . .

1. We are simple, but we are deep! The Whole Peach resources you with a simple plan for discipling your kids based on what we are discovering is the heart of Father supported by some great pilgrims of our Christian faith. We are not interested in behavior modification; we are interested in heart development as we all run hard after God. Ron and I often say – we want to raise compelled children not compliant children!

2. We are the “so now what do I do?” We are parents too, and we read all the statistics about kids leaving the Christian faith once they left their homes. We also see the demise of character and values in our culture. And we hear alot of people talking about all of this and how it all stems back to family. So, we closed the book or finished the article and got to work – so now what do we do in our home to change the tide? What do we do tomorrow morning at 7:30 am at our breakfast table?

3. I am interested in 'living life to the full,' so what do I do?

We are inviting you to 2 things – a story and a plan!

The Stories paint the pictures of “John 10:10 living” and how that fleshes out in the day to day living of the Hagan family.

The Plan is our best attempt at getting “John 10:10 living” working in the daily fabric of your family. There are 3 parts to the Plana language, a tool and a community. You need a common language, some extra tools for the road and someone’s hand to hold. Take a look at our “cool Peach” at the bottom of the page. It puts all these words into a visual!

1. Read the stories either under A Story or the Blog tabs to get acquainted with us and then move on to the Plan.

2. The Language is the first step in the Plan. If you believe the Bible and desire as a parent to teach your children the truth of God’s word, we believe this is the best way to do it! There are 54 cards divided into 3 parts – Story (systematic theology), God (attributes of God) and Me (identity in Christ) cards. Get these cards at our store. There is a poster that comes with the cards that explains what to do or watch the “how to” videos on the Story, God and Me Card pages. If you look under A Plan for this year, we work through one card a week together. Find the date and begin with that card.

3. When you are ready, add a tool from the toolbox. For example, purchase the Pray cards, put them somewhere you go on a daily basis and use those cards to pray over your children. Read a download from the Eat or Study page to get some additional ideas for your family. Etc. There are many tools to choose from in the toolbox. Just take it slow and add them in the mix. I am continually creating blogs showing you how these tools work in the daily fabric of our home. Look for those blogs that are always labeled “a tool.”

4. Last, have some conversations with us. Come to a Whole Peach event or let us bring the Whole Peach to your community. Check out the Community page for ideas to get together.

5. Email us with any questions!

4. Why do you have a focus on family?

We realize that family is the first “big rock” in our life (Stephen Covey). This is the first place that our faith fleshes out. Whatever we say we believe and whomever we say we are is “called on the carpet” inside of our home!

And our children are our greatest legacy and opportunity! The best of what we want to accomplish or say in this life will be given to them. They live on what we give! If we are prioritizing our time and focus, time with our family sharing life with our children, this is top of the list!

“My family is the primary place where my walk with Christ takes on flesh…. It is my relationship with my wife and children that gives my walk with Christ legitimacy.” Voddie Baucham Jr. in Family Driven Faith

5. Why are you the expert?

We aren’t. We are fellow pilgrims that have been keenly interested in this idea of spiritual formation. We have read as many things as we can, talked to as many people as we can and tried it all out on our three children.

We also walked our own story of religion to relationship: we were the statistic that George Barna speaks of. And we have learned so much and have experienced such joy in our discovery that we can’t help but share. That’s what happens when Father’s story penetrates your heart. We are bursting!

Second to this passion/vision and having a family of our own, we do have some letters after our names and some experiences that have given us some great learning. I (Karla) graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelors in Education and later from UNT with a Masters in Educational Administration. Presently, I serve at Dallas Baptist University as an adjunct professor in their Education department. I teach burgeoning teachers all that I have learned and experienced over the years, and I am passionate about sharing with parents the same tools of the trade. I have taught every age of a growing person from age 3 to 12th grade while a High School English Teacher or an Associate Pastor to Children. And I have written curriculum for Group Publishing and Pantego Bible Church. While also on staff at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship and Pantego Bible Church, I found myself in great conversations about spiritual formation. And I then started reading everything I could get my hands on and asking questions to anyone that would answer. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it all adds up to some great weaving that brings me to here. Ron, on the other hand, received his letters from SMU with a BS in Political Science all while playing football as a scholarship athlete the first year they came back from the death penalty. This may seem irrelevant until you hear the story. Once graduating, he has been in the business world ever since working as a corporate executive and now leads a principle-centered business helping companies serve as better stewards. Along the way, he has had some incredible discipling opportunities from the Navigators ministry and counts this as pivotal in his journey. Again, the story is worth hearing!

We are pilgrims walking with you abandoned to the cause of our Father and desperate to share that story with our children.

6. I am not a parent; should I keep investigating this site?

Yes, if you are interested in this vision of John 10:10 living! We believe you will be encouraged, equipped and empowered as you tool around on The Whole Peach. Our products and next steps are geared towards a family, but there are lots of creative ways you can benefit.

7. When I leave The Whole Peach, what will I be saying?

I can do this.

I am not alone.

I am not crazy.

This is simple. I just have to pick a card, grab my Bible and begin the conversation!

And once again, OK, I can do this.