Advent 2012-2013!

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It has been a great season of anticipation! Throughout these weeks of Advent, we have read his stories, sang the Christmas songs, drew pictures of the verses and had rich conversations. Each week we kept it simple using the guide below.

The Season of Advent – December 2-December 24
1. December 2-8 – Prophecy – Isaiah 9:2-7
God Card Christmas – I believe Father God is a generous giver of great gifts.

2. December 9-15 – Bethlehem – Micah 5:2-5
God Card Muscle – I believe Father God is strong for me.

3. December 16-22 – Shepherds and Angels – Luke 2:8-20
God Card Shepherd – I believe Father God is a shepherd.

4. December 23-24 – Wise Men – Mathew 2:1-2
God Card Eraser – I believe Father God erases my sin.

The Season of Christmas – December 25-January 5
5. December 25-January 5 – Christ’s Candle – Luke 2:1-7
God Card Extravagant – I believe Father God is extravagant.

We found a spot of time each week to light a candle. Then we reminded ourselves of the focus for the week. We talked about what that meant in the story and also read a verse of two. We found a song to sing or listen to on youtube. And sometimes we drew pictures. At the end of our conversation, Ron or I would ask – what sticks out to you? What hit your heart during our time? And always, they would give us the most remarkable answers. So, go there! Give time for your kids to respond and teach each other through their own experience and Father’s revelation through them. A line from a song would grab them or a picture one of them drew. Great conversations!

The conversation I won’t forget came during our conversation of the Wise Men. I don’t even remember specifically what we were talking about, but I do remember Maya’s grappling. Her words were: “I know that. It is just hard for me to trust it. I mean I believe it, but . . . .”

We had the most amazing conversation about the story of the Bible moving into our mind and heart and thus transforming our beliefs and actions. Though she didn’t know it, she was grappling with the intellectual assent of her faith in Jesus Christ, and was there more to it? These are the conversations we are waiting for as parents – a crossroads moment for Maya to decide. Does this story matter? So what – the wise men came and brought Jesus gifts? How does that affect my day to day? We lingered in her questions, valued her thoughts and gave some words from our own experience. We drew back to the words in the Bible and rested there in the truth. We didn’t conclude the conversation with answers all tied up with pretty ribbons. In fact, the questions still linger in our home. But that is the journey and the joy of it!

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