“Beginning College – What We Wished Someone Would Have Told Us!”

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For Allie . . .

1. Change is amiss! It is all new; everything feels awkward. Embrace the changes in friendships, schedules, studying, etc. Fear is the belief that you are somewhere that God isn’t, and you know that just isn’t true (my good friend, Pres, told me that). So, name the fear, seek his heart for you in that moment and walk forward in the belief that you walk together. Father God shows up in these gaps and shows himself as someone you can depend on.
2. Don’t pick your major too quickly. This is the time to inquire, research, interview, etc. Get yourself with people and in environments doing the things you think you might be interested in doing as much as possible. Take time to walk in their shoes. Figure out the day to day of that vocation. Match those gifts, skills, and passion as best you can. Look for the places of stride. Whatever you choose, Father God has great plans, great ministry and great conversations all in store for you.
3. Ask lots of questions – of your professors, your friends, your possible special someones, the clubs, extracurricular groups, and churches. Many people and organizations will want your time and talents. It is ok to say: “I’ll think about it” and even to say no. You can’t do everything, and there will be lots of good things vying for your attention; choose the best things for you.
4. Be an advocate for your education. Don’t wait; seek people out. Sit on the front row. Take advantage of your professor’s office hours. Go for the extra seminars. Take the overseas trip. This is a precious time to soak it up.
5. Your parents really are pretty smart. Keep leaning in to their words; keep calling them. You can be strong and independent and still need mom!
6. Don’t underestimate the power of good sleep, good eating and consistent exercise. Eat real food as much as possible.
7. Remember who you are. Draw on your identity – who Father God has called you to be and what your family has poured into you. You are his prize; he delights in you (Zephaniah 3:17) and loves you like crazy (Jeremiah 31:3). Check out the Me Cards for more truth to wrap around you.
8. Seek Father God (Jeremiah 9:24). Above all else, this is your most important endeavor. As you seek him, he will reveal great things, hook you up with great people and take you on great adventures. And find community that is seeking the same thing. There is just no better way to live!
9. Have fun! Take the scuba class for your PE credit. Wear your pajamas to class at least once. Have ice cream for breakfast occasionally. And enjoy the moments!
10. Favorite things about Baylor: store=Sironia, burger=Cupp’s, study place=top floor of Hankamer or Brown Library, study food=trail mix, de-stressor=walking to class, study supplies=note cards and highlighters . . . . But I am old and all this may have changed.

Looking forward to the days ahead!

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