“big ole fits and eyes to see!”

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just found this in my journal stash . . . a great word for me this morning and maybe for you!

a day in the life on October 10, 2012~

Throwing the laundry in the washing machine with a bit more force this morning. . . Watching Ron walk out the door to “ensure pension safety” in the investment community with truth and tactics. Wishing my moment involved more than dirty clothes and if the girls want the knit sheets back on their beds???? That is my question and thus the quest for my moment. Father, give me eyes to see the extravagant in dirty clothes, beds that need changing and this home being my workplace for today.

Next moment – Maya (age 10) walks into the kitchen wanting a donut for breakfast, make that two donuts. I agree to one donut and tell her this is the last morning for donuts, so enjoy! First potential conflict of the day ensues. The face of a victim comes glaring back at me. How could I be so cold? Her argument: “These donuts were a gift from Pappa; we can’t waste them.” I reply with the hard facts. “Donuts are bad for you. You have received a donut for the past three mornings. What a gift! Enjoy this last one for I can not go another day with the box on my counter.” I received the shrug of the shoulders and the sulky walk away from me. Oh how I love the “shrug and sulk” routine. And I forgot the sigh; there is sometimes a sigh in there somewhere usually right after the shrug. And I will only take credit for the sigh – I do know where she has learned that one. I won’t take credit for the other two – must be her Father???????

Next conversation – a moment in gratitude! I say to Maya much like I have said the 30,000 other times we have had the “gratitude” conversation. “Maya, let’s focus on what you have received not on what you aren’t getting. You have been given a gift, and you have enjoyed this gift for three days now. Let’s celebrate one more morning of an artificial sugar high and value harmony in this home more than donuts and getting what you want when you want it for as long as you desire to have it!!!!!!!” And my voice is still calm, I will say, even though the exclamation marks show my true emotion on the inside. I continue: “Maya, we are a house of peace and starting the day in peace impacts all of us. Make your choice here, but choose wisely. You are a woman of peace, and you are smart. So consider – shoulders back, head high, and a focus on the gift!”

The conversation ends; we move on, but I continue my conversation with Father, the one I started this morning as I was chunking the dirty clothes in the washing machine. And like most parenting moments, there is much here for me to unpack as it relates to my own issues and story. For the very words I say to Maya, Father is saying to me – “Karla, my sweet girl, let’s celebrate one more morning. Focus on the gifts you have received instead of getting what you want when you want it for as long as you desire to have it. Value harmony in your own heart, and choose wisely the path you go down in your thoughts. You are a woman of peace, and you are smart. So consider – shoulders back, head high and a focus on the gift! And I can promise you, my gifts are so much better than an artificial sugar high!!!!! So take heart, girl, there is adventure in the dirty clothes. For you are here with your girl having a most important conversation about gratitude and decision-making and peace. You are reminding her who she is and what she’s got. You are present, looking her in the eye and calling her to great places. This is extravagant!”

“The amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit, be with all of you. 2 Corinthians 13:14

My sweet friend, Amy, sent me this verse this morning at 6:17 am and no kidding, it could have been the very moment I was pitching my “big ole fit” in the laundry room. Oh how I love his grace, his extravagant love, and his friendship. He is calling me to his great places. He is calling us all. And he reminds us all in his word and through his people who we are and what we’ve got! It is good to walk together!

Praying for your “big ole fits” in the laundry room and eyes to see!

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