“God is our Warrior!” (God card #42 – Warrior)

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This week, we are studying God card #42 – I believe God is my warrior! He fights for me!

We read the verses, had some words about the verses and then went to drawing. The question I always use to get them drawing is this: “What jumps out at you from the verses? Is there a word or phrase that you remember? How would you draw what that verse is telling you?” That is usually enough to get the ball rolling or, in this case, the crayon creating.

Check out the picture to see our responses. Like always, I think in words. So my paper is some notes on the verses. Ron went more abstract in his drawing, and Carson and Ada really resonated with the story from 2 Chronicles. Maya drew a picture of God standing up for her and her saying back to him: “Yea!”

Last, I asked them this “so what?” question: based on what we studied today, what will then you do? We wrote on a piece of paper: “Today I will . . .” We had a great conversation about what we can take from these verses and stories for our own day to day. Again, check out the picture for our thoughts. And just in case you can’t read it, here is what it says.

Today, I will . . .
– go out singing in the face of that against me, weighing on me or vying for my eyes.
– encourage a friend.
– fight for someone.
– be a leader.
– not fight and let God fight for me.

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