“Having Church on the Way to Baseball” (God card #30 – Hide and Seek)

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We were all driving to Burleson for day two of a baseball tournament for Carson. It was Sunday, and we were on the move. So, we had church in the car, and this is how it went – simple but great stuff!

The God card for this week is #30. I believe God plays hide and seek. He wants to be found.

1. We passed the God card around the car, and everyone read a verse.
2. I then asked: “What phrase do you remember? Which verse stands out to you?” Carson liked Jeremiah 29, because that is his baseball number! And as we were driving to a game, it struck close to home. And so it went. It was important that we all went around and just shared a simple thought.
3. Second question: if you were to draw a picture, what would you draw? Ada said she would draw a picture of herself knocking on a door, God being right there, opening the door and saying: “Welcome” to her.
4. Third question: Why does the verse say “seek me with all of your heart?” Why does it need to say “with all of your heart?” Maya’s answer: “I think when you just seek him, you are reading the Bible or just praying but you aren’t really into it. When you do it “with all of your heart,” you are understanding the words and thinking about it.” I told them a story about my life and the difference it makes when I am just going through the motions vs. really wanting to find God’s answers for my details. I told them I have lived both ways, and there is just no comparison.
5. We all prayed at the end – again simple words back to Father God of thanks and understanding.

As simple as it gets but great conversations! We held the God cards in the middle of us on the way to baseball. We read the verses and took time to make sense of what Father God wanted to say to us. We pointed at certain phrases and created pictures from the words. I shared a story from my own life, and then we all prayed. Together, as we were going, we remembered God and his promise to us – He waits to be found. This is the beauty of Whole Peach living – “working it out together as a family in conversation as we go!”

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