“Our word for 2013 – confidence!” (evaluate)

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We never plan it; we just start praying into it. Once Advent starts, we start praying and asking Father for our word for the year. We involve the kids and have some great conversations as things come up throughout the season. We are watching and listening.

We have been doing a “word for the year” for 5 years now. And it is always such a cool adventure to watch Father give us his focus for the year. “Confidence” came on our way to Colorado this past week. As we were making the long drive from Arlington to Breckenridge, I began thinking about the drive to Breckenridge last year and what had changed in me. How was I different? How was our family different? And in my mind, I just thought “confident.” I feel more confident from last year in my work, my endeavors, my role as a mother and wife, etc. So, I asked Ron the same question – How are you different from last year? Where do you see growth? And no kidding, without knowing what I had just been thinking, he said, “confident.” I feel a greater confidence this year. With my mouth hanging open, I told him that I was just thinking the same thing. We talked more details of our story and left it at that.

Later in the car ride, I looked back to Maya who happened to be sitting in the seat behind Ron and just asked her – “Maya, remember coming to Breckenridge this time last year. How are you different? Or how do you feel different from last year?” Her answer was this: “I feel more confident this year. I know how to ski and what to do.”

And though her focus was on the skill of skiing, it was remarkable to Ron and I that now for the third time in one car ride, Father has spoke this same word over 3 of us – “confidence.” We told everyone the story, and all agreed that “confidence” it was – our word for 2013. We would plunge in and see what was on Father’s mind.

Just this past Sunday, we all got out our Bibles and strolled through the concordance to find verses on confidence. Everyone was to find a phrase that caught their attention and look up the verse. We each wrote our verse on a piece of paper and hung it up on our family board (post). We then shared our verses and why we chose it. Ron and I established context and brought out the story or the similarities in the verses and overall had a great conversation. It was pretty cool how they all weaved together.

Ron – Psalm 118:8-9
Carson – Hebrews 4:16
Maya – 1 John 2:28
Ada – 1 John 3:21
Karla – 1 John 4:17-18

We then looked up each other’s verses in our Bibles and hightlighted them while also writing next to the verses 2013. Over the weeks to come, we will be talking more about these words, seeking Father’s heart on them and choosing one to memorize. I look forward to what Father will reveal to the Hagan clan on this word of 2013 – confidence! I will keep you posted!

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