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Yesterday, Carson was working on an essay in the living room. We were all writing about the book we just finished – Pilgrim’s Progress. I had each of them take a theme from the book and create a paragraph explaining that theme and relating it to their world. We wrote the introduction together.

Pilgrim’s Progress shows us through the characters of Christian and Christiana what to do in times of trouble. They are on a physical journey to Celestial City but teach us many things about our own spiritual journey. Through their experiences, they teach us to ‘remember, trust and pray’ when we have a problem.

Maya had the great idea to include a Bible verse in her paragraph and asked if that was OK??????? My response was: “OK – include the Bible – are you kidding me? Um, yes, Maya, great idea. Let’s go with it.” And like everything else in my house with 3 kids 16 months apart, what one does, they all join in. So glad when this is a positive thing that benefits the whole instead of some of our “domino” moments that cause a train wreck. Like when one wakes up grumpy and they all seem to follow suit. Or when one thinks chores should come later, and they all find good reasons to support the cause. But this time, it worked in everyone’s favor, and Bible verses it was!

So, back to the moment, Carson in the midst of his writing says: “Mom, what is that Seeds song about ‘trust?’ You know – ‘Trust in the Lord forever. For the Lord, the Lord is the rock eternal.'” He sang the whole verse. This is the beauty of the Seeds CDs. We found the CD cover and realized that it was Isaiah 26:3-4. And there it went – right into his essay!

I have found no better way to plant the word of God into the hearts and minds of the little people in our home! I found the CDs several years ago in a Lifeway bookstore. The kids were in preschool, and I was realizing that time in the car when they were all belted in and had nowhere to go was a time to captitalize on the moment. I just pressed play every time we got in the car. That is it – press play! So, over the course of the years, Carson now has so many great verses there in his heart and mind and is able to call them to mind from a word. In this case, the word was “trust.”

This is it! This is what we want as parents who believe the Bible is our guide and centerpiece of our home. We want his truth to permeate our situations and affect our details. So grateful for a partner in the cause!

I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways. – Psalm 119:15

For your own “belted moments” in the car:

Buy a Seeds CD and press play! (www.seedsfamilyworship.net)

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