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“2 Questions that Have Changed Our World – a focus on the Here and Now!” (evaluate)

Posted by on Feb 23, 2013 in A Plan, A Tool, Blog | 0 comments

Awhile back, Ron and I started asking each other 2 questions. I don’t know how it started or where the idea came from. But at the close of a week, at some point when we found a moment to actually look each other in the eye, we would reflect together with these 2 questions. Sometimes, it was on a date, a blissful date at the close of a hard week of work and kids. But other times, it was just on the couch after a show, at the table as the kids were getting ready for bed or in bed ourselves before we drifted off to sleep. We had no idea the power of these 2 questions in our marriage and now in our family as we have started doing it all together. It causes us to pause and...

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