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“The Kitchen Table” (talk, sing and post)

Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 in A Plan, A Story, A Tool, Blog | 0 comments

I just made a list in my journal of the things I would love to accomplish today. There are too many and not enough time – I find this is the story of my life, but I greet the “undone” better than ever and just look to prioritize and choose well! So, I choose “The Kitchen Table.” I have words brewing in my heart and mind on the topic, and I must make sense of them through this medium of words. I often say that our kitchen table is the most important piece of furniture in our home, and once again, I celebrate this truth. Dinner last night and breakfast this morning were nothing short of miraculous, and I take a step from the crazy and mark the truth of the...

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Somewhere in Between – Crazy and Wonderful!

Posted by on Apr 18, 2006 in A Story, Blog | 0 comments

“How do you make sense of crazy?” Written in my journal on March 22, 2006 “These things are too wonderful.” Written in my journal on January 18, 2006 On this continuum of thought, where do you live – more on the crazy or more on the wonderful? I am finding that I live somewhere in between. Here’s crazy! It all began quite too early one morning when Ada came screaming into our bedroom around 4:00 am. She had had a bad dream and just knew that the bear from Barney Camp was in her bedroom. Later that morning, I was trying to get us all out the door to gymnastics and Maya decided that we needed to chat. I thankfully had thought about getting the car going...

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