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“Run After Father! Take the Land!”

Posted by on Jan 26, 2010 in A Story, Blog | 0 comments

Okay, so I buy it. I want the “life that is truly life.” I want the extravagance whether in plenty or pain, the authenticity without agenda or arrogance. I want all of Father God and what he wants me to know and experience. I want sight! I believe that he calls me by name and loves me. I can see now those that have walked before me that have tasted of this “life.” And I certainly see the love of Brother Jesus in the word and his ways. I believe that he did come so that I could “have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10. I am tasting the love, and I want The Whole Peach. So, what’s the problem? What will prevent me from experiencing this “life?” Is...

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