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“2 Questions that Have Changed Our World – a focus on the Here and Now!” (evaluate)

Posted by on Feb 23, 2013 in A Plan, A Tool, Blog | 0 comments

Awhile back, Ron and I started asking each other 2 questions. I don’t know how it started or where the idea came from. But at the close of a week, at some point when we found a moment to actually look each other in the eye, we would reflect together with these 2 questions. Sometimes, it was on a date, a blissful date at the close of a hard week of work and kids. But other times, it was just on the couch after a show, at the table as the kids were getting ready for bed or in bed ourselves before we drifted off to sleep. We had no idea the power of these 2 questions in our marriage and now in our family as we have started doing it all together. It causes us to pause and...

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“Great Gifts to Give Your Family and Friends!” (God card #6 – Christmas)

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Sing with me: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” With that in mind, I was thinking about this season of giving and some ideas came to mind for you. Christmas is a time for celebration, lifting up the greatest gift ever given to us – Jesus! Father God broke through the boundaries of heaven and earth and sent his son to walk with us, talk with us, eat with us and ultimately die for us. He was the end to law and a bridge to life. Jesus Christ carried us back to the arms of Father God and gave us the gift of coming home safe in the embrace of our Lord and Creator as it was intended from the beginning of time (Ephesians 2:4-7). Because of this, we...

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