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God “Longs for our Love!” (God card #24)

Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in A Language, A Plan, Blog, God Cards | 0 comments

In the middle of making coffee and emptying the dishwasher, one of my many thoughts was this: What card is this week? So, after I poured my cereal and found my place at the kitchen table, I opened up the Plan and for this week of February 3-9, the topic was God card #24 – Longs for our love! Ahhh. . . This is going to be a rich conversation. So, after all three little people living in our home woke up and had cereal of their own, we made our way into some conversation. We started our God card discussion like most. Everyone got out their Bibles. We read the God card title and talked about what it meant. Everyone looked up a verse from the card and read their verses....

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