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“Tucking the Girls Into Bed”

Posted by on Apr 16, 2013 in A Language, A Plan, Blog, God Cards, Me Cards, Story Cards | 0 comments

I was tucking the girls into bed last night, and somehow we got on a discussion about baptism. I think they had mentioned at church that they were going to have a baptism soon. Perhaps that is why it was on Maya’s mind. She has been contemplating it for some time now. And so the conversation goes like this. Maya: “Mom, I really need to think about this baptism thing.” Me: “Sure honey, whenever you and Father make that decision that it is time to tell the world, you go for it.” Maya: “Yea. I know.” Me: “Good night, girlies. Love you soooo much!” Maya: “Mom, you know that is why I like the God cards. Well the Me...

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“A Me card Interview with Maya, Ada and Carson”

Posted by on Feb 6, 2013 in A Language, A Plan, Me Cards | 0 comments

For Journal this week, the kids had to pretend they were being interviewed about the Me cards. I created some questions and just asked them to write their responses. We have worked through the Me cards about 4 times now over the years. I thought it would be rich to see what they are getting and how they are processing! And I thought it would be great encouragement for you! So, here are some questions and the answers they wrote. 1. What are the Me cards? The Me cards simply tell you who you are in Christ. – Maya The Me cards are pictures of gifts that God gives us. – Carson The Me cards are our identity in Christ. – Ada 2. Where do they come from? The...

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