“The Email That Never Reached Him . . . . Dallas Willard”

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This is an email I sent on April 18, 2013 to the best email address I could find in hopes of reaching Dallas Willard. And today, I hear the news that Dr. Willard has taken up his eternal residence in heaven. So, as I had written, it will be on the side of heaven that we meet and talk and share! Though I will miss his words and “eyes to see,” this is not the end, and we will share some dinner someday.


I have for some time thought of this email and the myriad of ways that I could reach Dallas Willard. And perhaps he has many such emails that begin in such a way. But I will start here and if Father believes on this side of eternity that my husband and I will have the great gift to say thank you to Dr. Willard or to even sit with Dr. Willard and share how his light and life has influenced Father’s message through us, then some initiative on my part to reach Dr. Willard will work. Father usually has some crazy way to work it out too, so I am hopeful! And I will keep trying. You are my first attempt! As I scoured his website and a few others, you are the email address that I found. Could you be the way?

You see, Dr. Willard must know. He must know how his words have shaped The Whole Peach and the ministry Father has for us. His strategy, his understanding, his listening to Father’s voice captured me, and all that The Whole Peach serves to do for parents discipling their children was began in my own conversations with Father and Dr. Willard as I read and re-read his writings and as I have listened to his videos over the years.

I am a mother and raising my children is my greatest endeavor. And before I do anything else, I must give them my best. The best of what I have learned thus far. So, I needed a smart way to give them my life and what I believe. And this is a weighty goal! Dr. Willard shaped this understanding and helped me create a plan for their spiritual formation, a plan NOT rooted in behavior modification like so many children’s curriculums and ministries set out to do. He must know that I set to work to create a plan rooted first in Father’s love and his pursuit (God cards), what happens to me because of his saving grace (Me cards), and how all of this fits together in one grand love story we call the Bible (Story cards). This language has permeated our home for over 8 years now, and we have had such joy in sharing it with others. He must know that I believed him when he wrote of living in the eternal kingdom now and began praying for it for months and months – and then Father gives us this story of The Whole Peach as one answer to this prayer. He must know that I have said over and over and over again – “bring before them that which is lovely,” bring before them Father God and his son Jesus. This is the first step – before they do, they must know. And Dr. Willard must know that he helped me get this straight so that I could give them “lovely.” I am so grateful. He must also know that icons are present in every room in my home, because I understand the importance and power of them in my family’s spiritual life. I could go on.

www.thewholepeach.com is our sharing, our part in the conversation, specifically on the topic of spiritual formation in the life of the family! We prayerfully hope to walk with parents as they disciple their children.

Dr. Willard just has to hear my sincerest thanks. I just want him to know that his words and life have shaped so powerfully the words and life we now give.I would be honored to say these words face to face, but for today, I am sending you my words via this email. Could you get this email to him? Could you say thank you for me? Could you show him www.thewholepeach.com? He just must know.

From one pilgrim to another,
Karla Hagan

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