“What Really Happened at the Hagan House!” (God card #3 – Artist)

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So, you have purchased the God cards and looked over the handy poster that comes with them. You read the introduction, agreed with the importance of this endeavor and attempted to understand the “Getting Started” section, but you still aren’t quite sure how this works. So, I want to give you a picture of how it fleshed out in the Hagan house – step by step using the “Getting Started” section from the God cards poster to guide us along the way. It is one thing to tell you how to do it, but another thing to show you the Hagan people really doing it! And you will see we often take detours depending on the moment and what is interesting to Maya, Ada and Carson. And our family times never quite go as planned either. My family like yours is full of crazy – just take a peek!

God card #3 Artist – I believe God perfectly designed me for a purpose in his plan, and he designed nature for our enjoyment and learning.

1. Read through all the cards. Just did that last week and had decided we were just going to follow in order.
2. Pray. “Father, I praise you for making yourself known through your Word. I believe you, and I trust you. You are a Father of love, and you desire a story with me. You desire my seeking, and you are always attentive to my focus. Thanks for the invite. I want my children to know you too. I want them to be changed by your love. I want it to permeate their heart and then matter in their choices. I believe that a life with you is the best way to live. And a pursuit of who you are is a great first step. So, reveal yourself to the Hagan family through these stories and verses. We want to know you.”
3. Choose a card. I just chose the next card – “I believe God is an artist.”
4. Read the “I believe” statement and talk about what it means. So, we read the statement and talked about being an artist.
5. Explore the verses – read. We then read the verses and talked about his creation.
6. Explore the verses – draw it, paint it, act it out or write about it. They each drew something that they thought was cool, something of his creation!
7. Post the pictures and pray. We put all of this up on the family board and prayed.
8. Talk about your pictures and words throughout the week. We were meeting some family for lunch that day, so our time at the table wasn’t that long. I grabbed some paper before we left so that we could keep talking in the car. So, as we were driving to lunch, I asked them to tell me everything they see from their window that shows Father God as an artist. What of his creation do they see, and how is it marvelous? We made a great list and then listened to the Seeds of Change CD song “Shout for Joy,” track 4 on Seeds of Praise.

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