“What Really Happened at the Hagan House!” (Me card #4)

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I think it is important for you to understand the simplicity and freedom that I hope for your family when you work through the Me cards. The “Getting Started” section on the poster that came with your Me cards is short and simple; use it, but I also want you to use whatever is going on in your home that week to explain the Me card too. This will be different for every family. The different ages and issues will determine that. I also want you to see that even as the mom who wrote the material, I still had different things happen once I actually put it in motion. On these “What Really Happened” blogs, you are going to see it all.

We have done the Me cards now 3 times in the life of our family. For Summer 2007 it was totally geared to 4 and 5 year olds. For Summer 2009, our kids were now 6 and 7, and, it was geared to what they were already playing or what was already fun for them – painting/drawing pictures, playing birthday party, doing a play, singing bingo, etc. In the summer of 2011, it was exciting to begin to ask some of the questions and do more cross-referencing in our Bibles. If I had had this material when the kids were infants, I would have just said the Me card statements and the verses over them and prayed the prayer over them. As Maya, Ada and Carson get older, we are looking forward to talking more about the questions. We will also do more cross-referencing and really get into the meat of the verse by researching other verses on this same idea or looking up some explanation of the core verse.

Enjoy the adventure! I hope you will find these Me card “What Really Happened” blogs entertaining and helpful!

Me Card #4 – I am conqueror over evil.

Summer 2007
1. We read the phrase, talked about the verse, defined the idea, etc.
2. We read Will, the Mighty Warrior by Sheila Walsh. Then, Carson even dressed up in his warrior outfit.
3. We had each of them pretend they were warriors and say to us – “I am God’s mighty warrior. I am a conqueror over evil.”
4. Last, we drew pictures of each of us as warriors with “I am a warrior and Romans 8:37” somewhere on the page.
5. We also prayed the prayer over them.

Summer 2009
1. We read the verse, talked about the phrase, and sang the song “Mighty To Save” by Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan through Hillsong Church. We probably sang and danced over this song a few times.
2. We then listed things in our life that are mountains – things for Ron and I and things for them. What are the issues or challenges in our life that we are conquerors over? We put that sheet on the family board. We all shared.
3. The kids then painted a bit. Maya found an egg carton in the paint bin, and she really wanted to paint on it. So, we looked at it for a bit and realized that the middle part of the egg carton looked like little mountains. So, she made the egg carton into a mountain scene, Ada painted an egg carton as well. Carson painted a rainbow. We tied them all in. This moment is like many. We let them run with the medium that is interesting to them – i.e. the egg carton, and then figure out how it may fit with the content of our study. Some make for better parallels than others.
4. We read and studied a bit more of Romans 8:28-39.
5. Last, we made a sheet for the family board that says: “Father God has called us by name, set us on a solid basis with himself (established), and stays with us to the end” (Romans 8:29-30). And then on the second half of the paper, we wrote, “As a winner, we look like: happy, excited, ready because we know that we will be victorious and free to love and serve others.”
6. We prayed the prayer over all of us.

Summer 2011
1. We looked at old pictures and talked through questions.
2. We also looked at the Greek meaning of “conqueror” – huper nikao . It means: over and above to conquer. We took some time to think about what that means, and then created a list of key ingredients to being “more than a conqueror” after reading Romans 8:28-39 in The Message.
3. We also made a list of what it feels like to be “more than a conqueror” – feels good, strong, arms up cheering and a walk-off homer.
4. Last, we talked again about the “mountains in our life” based on a list that we created in 2009. Carson added this year “fighting.” Maya said her mountain was “not having any sports to play right now.” We also added “consequences and contentment.” We celebrated his answered prayer too from some of our “mountains” of 2009.

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