“What Really Happened at the Hagan House!” (Me card #5)

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I think it is important for you to understand the simplicity and freedom that I hope for your family when you work through the Me cards. The “Getting Started” section on the poster that came with your Me cards is short and simple; use it, but I also want you to use whatever is going on in your home that week to explain the Me card too. This will be different for every family. The different ages and issues will determine that. I also want you to see that even as the mom who wrote the material, I still had different things happen once I actually put it in motion. On these “What Really Happened” blogs, you are going to see it all.

We have done the Me cards now 3 times in the life of our family. For Summer 2007 it was totally geared to 4 and 5 year olds. For Summer 2009, our kids were now 6 and 7, and, it was geared to what they were already playing or what was already fun for them – painting/drawing pictures, playing birthday party, doing a play, singing bingo, etc. In the summer of 2011, it was exciting to begin to ask some of the questions and do more cross-referencing in our Bibles. If I had had this material when the kids were infants, I would have just said the Me card statements and the verses over them and prayed the prayer over them. As Maya, Ada and Carson get older, we are looking forward to talking more about the questions. We will also do more cross-referencing and really get into the meat of the verse by researching other verses on this same idea or looking up some explanation of the core verse.

Enjoy the adventure! I hope you will find these Me card “What Really Happened” blogs entertaining and helpful!

Me Card #5 – I am totally forgiven.

Summer 2007
1. We first listened to 2 songs from the Hillsongs Live Worship for Kids CD “Jesus is My Superhero,” track 8 and “Did You Know,” track 13. We talked about the songs and what they meant.
2. Then we read the phrase and verse for the week and tied the 2 together.
3. We told them to draw a pictures of what they saw when I read the verse. This was really cool, as we didn’t know what they were going to draw. Ada drew a picture of Jesus on the cross and happy people around him and said this of the picture: “Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He was the son of God.” And we added to her picture – “I am totally forgiven.” Carson also drew a picture of Jesus on the cross. His explanation was this – “Jesus died on the cross for our sin. He died, because Satan was going to be around us and God doesn’t want that.” So we had a great time talking about Satan being around us and how we can fight him, because we have won through Father God’s forgiveness. Great to tie in last week’s thought and this week’s thought. Maya drew a picture of Jesus on the cross and 2 kids. She said “the 2 kids were sad, because Jesus was on the cross and there was darkness.” And we added, “I am totally forgiven.” We talked about the pictures and then hung them on the family board (post). It was so great to read a verse and just pray that Father God would speak to them in his word. How fun to watch what they drew.
4. We prayed and then listened to the songs again and danced around the room.

Summer 2009
1. We read the statement, verse and questions.
2. We then made crosses out of pipe cleaners. Everyone made his/her own crosses.
3. We wrote on pieces of paper choices that are struggles for each of us right now. For Carson, he wrote: yelling, hitting and “fine!” When he gets angry and frustrated, he was in the habit of screaming this word and storming out of the room. For Ada, she wrote,” I hit, I yell, I loose patience, and I fight.” Maya wrote: “not listening, not obeying and not picking up clothes/toys. Ron wrote: “not following through, raising my voice, depending on self/not trusting. I wrote: “cursing the day to day details, yelling in impatience, pride and judgment and fear. We had them put these sins/choices on their crosses. Just poke a hole through the paper and put them on there.
4. We talked about the freedom Father God gives us from these choices. Through the cross and what Jesus did for us, we are not bound up by these sins. When we seek and accept the forgiveness Father gives, we can put these choices on the cross and walk free from them.
5. We prayed over the crosses and hung them on the family board.

Summer 2011
1. This year, I had them write the word “forgiven” on a piece of paper and then write the first things that come to mind. We started off our conversation with our responses – just going around the table and sharing. Carson wrote: “When I think of forgiven, I think of Jesus and set free.” Then he drew himself shouting “Yea!” Maya wrote: “gives us grace. Loves us. Wants us to love him. God loves us! Woo Hoo!” Ada wrote: “it feels good. You do this to someone.” I wrote: “wiped away, cancel and nailed to the cross.” Ron wrote: “dropped charges, set free and exonerated” with pictures all around.”
2. We each then wrote a verse on our same paper – 1 John 1:9, Luke 23:34 and Colossians 3:13.
3. They also drew some more pictures at the end continuing to respond to the idea.
4. We had a great discussion on the Walk question – What sin do you hold on to? Ron and I shared our struggles of pride and pity – 2 flesh issues for us. Though they didn’t really respond to our words while we were speaking, they were listening. And they heard a mommy and a daddy right along with them trying to work out this idea and live in the gift of it! Rich time!

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