“What Really Happened at the Hagan House!” – (God card #37 – Super Glue)

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This week’s God card is “Super Glue” – I believe God sticks with me!

So far, our family board (post) is blank. So, the time studying the God card together has been conversations with the kids, a song and some moments with Ron and the Bible. This is what we are doing this week. Ebbs and flows! Every week is different. It is important to stay loose and focus on the exchange of life. What is a constant is this: every week we put the Bible in the middle of us on our table. We read verses together, and we talk about what they mean and why they matter in the midst of our lives and details. We pray and then we continue to circle back around a few times throughout the week. Sometimes that conversation is longer than others. Sometimes it involves paper and markers. Sometimes we memorize one of the verses. Sometimes we . . . .  Like I said, lots of weeks are different! But the Bible, the card and the conversation – these are non-negotiables!

There was also two other things worthy of noting this week – Ron and I’s personal study and the SEEDS song “Crushed.”

So, this is how it worked out this week. Before the kids awoke, Ron and I have had some good time reading over the verses on the God card and doing our own study and cross-referencing just to work it out for ourselves. I find the verse that catches me; I read it a few times and look for a phrase that affects me, and then I rest in it. Say it over a few times, visualize the picture it gives me. Pray it back to Father in my mind and heart.

The other thing that we did this week with the God card is sang Psalm 34:18 from the SEEDS of Courage CD, track 9. You can listen online with this link – http://www.seedsfamilyworship.net/listen-online/. If you haven’t purchased or downloaded every SEEDS CD, I will continue to encourage you to do so. I just can’ t find anything better that plants God’s word in the mind and hearts of my kids. So grateful for the work of Jason Houser and the SEEDS team!

Praying for your conversations and the closer steps you will make with Father this week! Remember every week is different. It doesn’t have to be a long 60 minute Bible lesson for it to count! If all you do for one week is engage with the verses yourself and give them time to penetrate your busy, this is a step! Celebrate each step! We are walking together.




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