“What Really Happened at the Hagan House!” (Me card #2)

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I think it is important for you to understand the simplicity and freedom that I hope for your family when you work through the Me cards. The “Getting Started” section on the poster that came with your Me cards is short and simple; use it, but I also want you to use whatever is going on in your home that week to explain the Me card too. This will be different for every family. The different ages and issues will determine that. I also want you to see that even as the mom who wrote the material, I still had different things happen once I actually put it in motion. On these “What Really Happened” blogs, you are going to see it all.

We have done the Me cards now 3 times in the life of our family. For Summer 2007 it was totally geared to 4 and 5 year olds. For Summer 2009, our kids were now 6 and 7, and, it was geared to what they were already playing or what was already fun for them – painting/drawing pictures, playing birthday party, doing a play, singing bingo, etc. In the summer of 2011, it was exciting to begin to ask some of the questions and do more cross-referencing in our Bibles. If I had had this material when the kids were infants, I would have just said the Me card statements and the verses over them and prayed the prayer over them. As Maya, Ada and Carson get older, we are looking forward to talking more about the questions. We will also do more cross-referencing and really get into the meat of the verse by researching other verses on this same idea or looking up some explanation of the core verse.

Enjoy the adventure! I hope you will find these Me card “What Really Happened” blogs entertaining and helpful!

Me Card #2 – I am complete.

Summer 2007
1. We got 3 of their puzzles out and had them on the table when they walked in to the kitchen. When they arrived, we had them do the puzzle at their place. When they were done, we complimented their great job and said several times, your puzzle is now complete!
2. Then, we took a few pieces from their puzzle and talked about how it was not complete; pieces were now missing. We asked them to define the 2 terms. What made the puzzle complete, and what made it incomplete? Carson even got angry about it; he cried for his puzzle pieces back and felt somewhat robbed that we took the pieces from his complete puzzle. We talked about why he felt so mad and that Satan tries to make us feel incomplete all the time.
3. We put the pieces back and said again – “now, the puzzle is complete.” We then moved to the Me card of the day. We had them repeat the phrase and verse back to us.
4. We talked again about what the Me card meant this time using the verse. We are totally complete in Jesus; his death and resurrection brought us back to God and now we can stand with them totally complete. We are entirely what Father God wants us to be and able to do exactly what He wants us to do. To believe otherwise is to believe the enemy’s lies. Even our places of hurt or suffering, Father God can make new. Just like the puzzle – we are a complete creation. Nothing is missing.
5. We then prayed the prayer.

Summer 2009
1. We talked through the Me card statement, verse and questions.
2. We also read Psalm 27:11, Psalm 118:6 and Psalm 84:11. They then painted or stickered what they saw and heard in these verses. Maya had some princess stickers that she was excited about so after she wrote, “I’m complete. The Lord is the strength of my life. Psalm 27:11,” she put a sticker of a castle, wands and flowers all over her page. I wished I could say I had some great tie in with the castle and that when we accept his gift of completeness, we are like a perfect castle or something. But no great symbolism, I was just glad she got the verse and statement written. On Ada’s paper, she used letter stickers to write, “The Lord is on my side. Psalm 118:6” and then painted her hand and put it on the paper with a kite. I don’t really understand the correlation between all of these things, but there you go. That is what she saw. On Carson’s page, he painted himself smiling with a shield and sword and crosses on either side of him and the sun in the corner with the verse below – “The Lord is a sun and shield. Psalm 84:11” Daddy actually wrote the verse and address for him. And then one of them also painted the words on a piece of paper – “I love you, God.” Isn’t that great? I love that they are reacting to his gift of completeness with such a response.

Summer 2011
1. We started in the Bible, getting theirs out and marking the Me card verses with a highlighter – Psalm 27:1, Psalm 118:6, Psalm 84:11 and Hebrews 13:6. These verses were some that we found the last time we studied Me card #2 to compliment the Colossians verse. They each took a verse, found it and marked it. This time just to mark up their Bible and find the verses was so valuable.
2. Then, we had made in years past puzzles with the verses on them. So, they each took a puzzle and worked it. We took a piece out of each puzzle once done and played that game again to get across the idea of being complete. It was fun to tell them the story of how angry they used to get when we played this.
3. Ron had been looking at the Hebrews verse and noticed in his Bible some description of the word “helper.” In Greek, it is “boethos” which means – boe, a cry for help and theo, to run. “Boethos is one who comes running when we cry for help. The word describes the Lord as poised and ready to run to the relief of His oppressed children when they shout for His assistance.” Amazing, as it ties in with our key verse for the Me Card study of Luke 15:20-24. So, it was great to circle back around to this promise that Father God runs to us to help, and we therefore are complete in Him.
4. As this was the weekend before the first day of school, they each wrote their verse on a post-it note, and put it somewhere in their binder where they would see it.
5. We went around to each person’s backpack in the house, watched that person find a place for his post-it note and then prayed for that person over his/her backpack. As always, it was a joy to hear them pray for each other and to give each one of them focused time. Secondly, it was rich to remind them of the power of God’s word. That we wear it as a shield before us to do battle with those things that are against us – so in a situation that is scary to them, we gave them armor through his word to stand strong!!!!!! Great, great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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