What is date?

. . . . a tool to deepen and invigorate your marriage by getting the conversation started.

Hopefully, you will find these questions, sentence starters, and/or activities on the Date cards to be the ingredients for a great date. There is a card for every month of the year!


When you purchase Date, you are getting a set of 12 cards, one for each month of the year, to use as a conversation starter on a montly “great date” with your spouse. The cards are a convenient 4×6 size, listing several questions on each card.


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How do I use date?

1. Sometime this month, capture a dinner together. Call the baby sitter, kid swap with another couple or just put them down early and open a bottle of wine!

2. Pull out a date card and plunge into the questions to stir up some “life to the full” moments! And if all you do is the first question, you will be encouraged! I promise you! It has changed our marriage just to commit to this question on a regular basis!


Why date?

Marriage . . . . next to your relationship with God, is the most important of relationships. It is here that we are most known, loved, respected and celebrated. At least, that is the goal. You see, we come to our marriage messy and with baggage, past experiences and loads of expectations. And in the midst of marriage, things break, don’t turn out quite the way we imagined or get saggy. The weight of the world is at times difficult to manage and perhaps we take it out on those closest to us – i.e. our spouse.

A great marriage requires our attention. It is often said that a great marriage is also the greatest gift we give to our children. We believe that great marriages are tended, prioritized and valued, and this is not easy. Figuring out the calendar is work enough. Who has time for meaningful conversations and mutual understanding? But none of us can dismiss the covenant we made at our wedding. On that day, we drew a line in the sand and said: “yes, to this relationship, I give my best;” and in the giving, and the surrendering and the loving, there will be blessing. This commitment and promise keeps us moving one step at a time.

A great tool to keep these steps moving in a forward direction is a date. I mean, a great date! A time where conversation occurs over a great meal, where defenses are down and the focus is on all that is right instead of wrong.  An intentional time of celebrating each other and your life! A time to get beyond the calendar and rest in the vision God has for your marriage and your family.

“Our marriage is the foundation upon which all other aspects of our family life must be built. Our children need to be led by a united front…. This will not happen unless we invest significant time in our relationship.” Voddie Baucham Jr. in Family Driven Faith