A Language

We all believe in the power of words. We talk a lot in our house about words that build up and words that tear down. But words can also communicate ideas and when we repeat those words over and over again, they become a language that defines our beliefs. Every family has a core set of beliefs and a common language whether they are aware of it or not. As parents, it is good to be intentional with our words and thoughtful about those words reflecting where we are headed as a family.

We created a language that moves our children to the greater story and identifies the characters involved. It is the core of who we are, where we have come from and why we are here. In the simple format of a card, we have created pictures of the most important things we hope to share with our children before they leave our home.

So, this is it – our curriculum for Birth – 18 years of age in three sets of cards – Story, God and Me cards. There are 54 cards in all – 5 Story cards, 42 God cards and 7 Me cards. We intend to work through all 54 cards in a year, and then start all over again the next year. They lend themselves to a variety of avenues to roam, and we certainly can add to them as we go. But these 54 cards for now are the simple foundation based on God’s word, his truth found in the Bible, that the Hagan family is using to work it out (Philippians 2:12) together.

To begin, it is simple. All that you need are the cards below, your Bible and some construction paper and crayons! Once you get the cards, read the “Getting Started” section on the poster that comes with the cards and watch the “how to” videos on the Story, God and Me Card pages. Then, pick a card and begin or refer to A Plan for this year if you would like to walk with the Hagan family on the card we are doing.