A Plan

We believe it’s good to know where you are going. Plans give you vision and thus a picture of the steps. Without a plan, you don’t get very far or you end up in random places. And random places are great sometimes, but our days are crazy fast with our children, and we should think about what we hope to teach them before they leave our home. Intention is a good thing, and some direction is an excellent idea. But we don’t want just any direction.

1. First, we need something simple and easy to use. We want to look at it and say: “I can do that.” Therefore, everything we create is in the format of a card, poster or picture.

2. Second, we want a language that explains our Christian faith in words that motivate our children. We don’t want an offer an aerial view of Bible stories and to-do’s tagged on the end.

3. We also want some tools that help us along the way, some of them spiritual disciplines.

4. And last, we don’t want to do it alone. We want community – conversations to have and hands to hold.

So, the end result of “crazy parent needs something simple” with “powerful plan to yield extravagant fruit” is The Plan! Take a bite! Check it out!