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It is important to talk. When we get together and discuss what is on our mind and heart, it helps us work it out. Talking with each other moves us along in our decisions, reminds us we are not alone and encourages our steps along the way.

We need your voice, your perspective and your experience. So, let’s keep the conversation going.

If you would like us to come and share some time and space with your community, just let us know. Email us and we can talk through the details.


Experience is a great teacher. And what a gift to share some of the conversations and events in our home so that you can take in another perspective on your days. You will find blogs on how we are working out “The Plan” and stories we are seeing along the way. It is a simple way to invite you to our table for some dinner and conversation.  

Read on.

We keep meeting amazing people, and we love to talk to them and figure out what they are doing and seeing. So, you will find here a monthly conversation along with some time for you to ask questions. Once again, it will be insights on how we are working it out and in this case how others on the journey have made sense of it all.

Check out the calendar for our forums in the making or the archive list of previous interviews.

Let’s have some dinner together, face to face, at a great place with great lighting and great tastes. Along the way, let’s talk about how we are working it out and have some prayer together. We can secure the place; you find the babysitter and come on.

We are also available to come to your table and share with your community. In an evening, we could share the vision of the Peach and a brief coaching opportunity for the parents in your community.

Let us know if you want us to save you a spot at the table, or we would love to join you at your table.

Maybe, just maybe, we could capture a night away together. I know, the exhaustion of just getting everyone figured out with bags packed is daunting, but 24 hours with our spouse is vital to the health of our home, and we must capture it every quarter. Want to capture it with us? This night is 24 hours of teaching, praying, laughing and eating. It is a time to breathe and remember.

Let us know if we should reserve you a room for you guys.

Perhaps you already have a couple’s retreat in your community, and we can lead the conversation for you. We have curriculum and coaching to offer you.

A 24 hour retreat would look like this:
Friday evening = Questions Parents are Asking and Our Story
Saturday morning – Answers We Created – The Plan – Language, Toolbox and Community
Saturday afternoon – So Now What do I do? Conversation and Prayer

They started out as FOAM nights in our house. One of our friends started calling them that – Families on a Mission! It was a group of us getting together with our children and exploring a topic from the Plan together. There was always dinner, some fun (a.k.a. Bible Study) and then prayer time.

Would you like to come and experience a FOAM night with us?

We can also come and lead a FOAM night in your community. You gather the families, and we will lead them through a great evening of fun and learning. By the end of the night, each family will know how to lead a family night in their own home using the simple Language cards – God, Story and Me cards and experience firsthand the treasures in the conversation.

Let’s adventure together. You go on vacations anyways, right? How about a vacation with a punch? A Punch of study, serving and learning!

–Family Camp – Colorado seems to be our place of choice. Skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, we love to adventure in those mountains. While all the while having an absolutely great time, we will weave one of the Language Cards into our time together – The God, Story or Me cards. You will leave with a great understanding of the Language and how to continue the learning at your own kitchen table.

Want to come? And if you already have the place, we would love to come and bring The Whole Peach to your community. We like to call it Language Emersion! We will work through the entire set of Me or Story cards or some of the God cards together. It will be a great experience for the families in your community to understand the richness of the Plan and get a chance to work through it for a week with other families!

-Family Mission Trip – Although we are still working out why this is so important, we know that it is. And with the ages of our kids, we are in the beginning stages of working this out in our own family. For now, we go to Mission Arlington, a local mission agency in our community. Want to come? Ron and I also went to Haiti with World Orphans a few years ago, and that was amazing. Right now, we are looking in to where and how we could adventure together on mission somewhere.

You interested too?

-Family Team Building – How about a day on a ropes course doing various physical challenges that bring out all kinds of communication opportunities for you to work through as a family? How about a day to enjoy Father’s nature, learn a new skill and enjoy each other along the way?

Let us know if you are up for the challenge!





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Our Friends


And we also wanted to let you know of the conversations we are already having with some friends. Check out their story.

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