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Picture of Peach Kid Turned Young Adult!

Posted by on Oct 19, 2020 in A Language, A Plan, A Story, God Cards | 0 comments

What do the God cards mean to me? The God cards are 42 attributes of God. They clearly and in a way that relates to me lay out who God is. It is easy to understand as a kid, and now as an 18 year old, I still lean on these cards when I need some reminders. The God cards have been instrumental in my life. They set the foundation for me on how to view God. I can’t remember a time without knowing the truth of the Bible. The Whole Peach was crucial in that learning. Sitting around the kitchen table as a family drawing pictures and looking for verses in our Bible based on the God card we were studying were some of the most foundational times of my spiritual walk. I...

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Maya’s Steps – sharing them with you!

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Maya’s Steps – sharing them with you! The girl that grabbed that peach over 10 years ago is now writing some words of her own. What a gift to share them with you!

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