“Let Me Fill the Cracks!”

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You know those 10×10″ floor tiles, the ones that look really cool on kitchen floors? Well, they have mortar in between. In a wonderfully seasoned 50 year old pier and beam home, the mortar cracks and chips due to settling and shifting.

As I sit in one of my most favorite places – my chair at our long farm house kitchen table, I’m struck by the brilliance of the moment: the bright sunshine, the cardinals feasting on breakfast, Maya, Ada, and Carson worshipping and creating as the Spirit guides them, and Karla and I sharing a cup of coffee and our vision and dreams for our family’s walk with Father.

It’s a weighty discussion. It comes just about everyday. It’s probably our top three passions in our lives. It’s what fuels our desire to walk with other families to help clear the fog and capture a vision for what our loving and powerful God intends for his families on a mission.

So back to the tiles. My eyes drift down to the floor. The cracks in the mortar stand out to me like the Grand Canyon. So I ask, “Papa, what are you thinking?” He quickly responds by saying, “let me fill the cracks.”

In my effort and flesh, my mind had already rushed ahead, wanting to re-surface the floor and fill the cracks myself. What a tragedy that would be! He reassures me that he has put them there. In this, he’s calling me to call out to him. “Let me fill the cracks.”

As families, we must be aware that we live in the middle between eternity past and eternity future – what he intends and what he will fulfill, IF we let him fill the cracks.

We live in the crack. It binds the eternities and God in his amazing plan calls us to be the ones to stand and live in the middle to bring about his heart to the world. Oh, what a call!

Walk with us as we live with Him.

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