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15th day to PRAY for 2015!

Posted by on Feb 15, 2015 in A Community, A Story, Blog | 0 comments

How appropriate to end these 15 days of prayer for 2015 on this 15th day of February! I would like to say that I planned it this way all along. In fact, what I did control was a bit of condemnation over the past few days as I realized that I had never sent one last prayer. As always, it went something like this: “Way to go, Karla. Not finishing what you start. What does it matter anyways? You keep sending these prayers out through cyberspace – to whom? You got caught up in the busy and forgot the important. Are you even praying yourself much less encouraging others to do so?” I used to stay on the mat for some time in this cycle of defeat! Thankfully,...

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