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“Self Control – What an Oxymoron!”

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Writing on the topic of self-control is a bit funny to me. It is a place of great need in our family! It is one of those “broken record” issues. You know the phrases you feel like you say over and over again, and hopefully, just one day, you will see the fruit from such excruciating consistency. Unfortunately and honestly these “broken record” phrases are usually not said in a nice, calm voice full of patience and love, but, many times: “MAYA, ADA OR CARSON (depending on the day and I hope you can hear the tone in my words), you have lost it. Take a deep breath and find your center.” I don’t really know if they know what their center is. In the heat of the...

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Say Yes – part 5 – “Stories from the Toolbox” (study and breathe)

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“The classical Disciplines of the spiritual life call us to move beyond surface living into the depths. . . . The purpose of the Disciplines is liberation from the stifling slavery. . . . The Disciplines allow us to place ourselves before God so that he can transform us. . . . They are meant to bring the abundance of God into our lives.” Richard Foster in Celebration of Discipline I wanted to share with you some Spiritual Discipline stories from my journey thus far, a few quick stories about Bible Study, Fasting and Journaling. Engaging in these activities is another great way to respond to Father God’s love. There are many more disciplines than I will discuss...

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Say Yes – part 4 – “The Right Accessories for the Walking”

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So, you might be done with this metaphor of mine, but I hope you will give me one more moment to talk about – “Walking in the Yes!” Again, the “Yes” that I am referring to is your response to Father God’s story – his pursuit of your heart, his gift of life, and his constant desire for a conversation. Have you “opened your door to him” (Romans 8)? If so, then I hope that you are “weaving and reaching” – weaving him in to your day to day by reaching out for him in prayer and conversation amidst the details of your day. And lest I ever let you forget – He has already said yes to you, and he endlessly reaches for you with his love. “I have...

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