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“What Really Happened at the Hagan House!” – (God card #37 – Super Glue)

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This week’s God card is “Super Glue” – I believe God sticks with me! So far, our family board (post) is blank. So, the time studying the God card together has been conversations with the kids, a song and some moments with Ron and the Bible. This is what we are doing this week. Ebbs and flows! Every week is different. It is important to stay loose and focus on the exchange of life. What is a constant is this: every week we put the Bible in the middle of us on our table. We read verses together, and we talk about what they mean and why they matter¬†in the midst of our lives and details. We pray and then we continue to circle back around a few times...

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“What Really Happened at the Hagan house!” (God card #37 – Super Glue)

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So, you have purchased the God cards and looked over the handy poster that comes with them. You read the introduction, agreed with the importance of this endeavor and attempted to understand the “Getting Started” section, but you still aren’t quite sure how this works. So, I want to give you a picture of how it fleshed out in the Hagan house – step by step using the “Getting Started” section from the God cards poster to guide us along the way. It is one thing to tell you how to do it, but another thing to show you the Hagan people really doing it! And you will see we often take detours depending on the moment and what is interesting to...

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