Time together, working it out . . . .

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We had some church around our kitchen table that was rich!

Three Questions, one piece of paper, a marker and a Bible! That was it and off we ran.

I posed the first question for us all to write down our response on our paper.

Question #1 – What is a challenge to you right now? What is causing you some pause or stress?

We all wrote down our thoughts on our piece of paper. No conversation as of yet.

I threw out the next question for reflection.

Question #2 – What is the enemy trying to get you to believe about that problem/struggle/issue? What are the agreements he is trying to get you to make?

Then, I threw out the last question but still now conversation as of yet.

Question #3 – What does God say about that? What is his answer to the things you wrote whether that is your challenge or the enemy’s messages?

We all wrote down some words. We also found a verse that Father might say over the situation, and we thought of a God, Me or Story card that might speak to the situation.

Then, we had conversation! One by one, we each shared the words on our paper. Moving from the pain to the lies to the answer, this conversation around our kitchen table was remarkable.

So simple but so strategic! Getting to the heart of the matter, dismissing the lies that work against us and remembering the truth. There is purpose in these kinds of conversations that happen around our kitchen tables.

Three questions, one piece of paper, a marker, a Bible and time! Time together, working it out . . . .

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

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