1st day to Pray for 2015!

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Starting this first prayer with a verse that has caught my attention in Colossians 1.

Reading from The Message “The lines of purpose in your lives never grow slack, tightly tied as they are to your future in heaven, kept taut by hope.” Might even find our word for the year in this verse – see Evaluate.

For now, I am praying this verse for all of us – perhaps you want to have some words with Father too! It is a great verse for a conversation. My conversation went like this:

Father, I am hungry for purpose in this year of 2015. I am going to go somewhere; the days will move from one to the next! So, choosing purpose seems like a great idea. As well, for those “lines of purpose to never grow slack” seems also to be a good idea! So, I ask for that – for myself, Ron and our tribe – Maya, Ada and Carson. We want to walk with purpose. I would rather not walk in chaos, pity, a bad attitude, selfishness, busyness, or just aimless wandering in this year of 2015? Paint for us again your vision of our days (Psalm 90:12 and 17). Give us your purpose. No better place to walk!

How then do we keep the line from growing slack? Enter the 2nd part of the verse . . . .

They must be “tied to our future in heaven.” Second, I thank you that we have a future in heaven (Philippians 3:17-4:9). This place is not our home. Fear, Conflict, War, Unrest, Disease, Hurt – this things do not win! So, help us walk in the truth of heaven and the perspective this gives to us in our moments!

But still – HOW do we keep these lines of purpose tied to our future in heaven???? Ahhhhh . . . . enter the last part of the verse . . . “kept taut by hope.”

This is a decision on my part. Hope is a choice (Hebrews 10:23). Help us, Father, to choose the gift you have offered to us through Jesus. We have hope no matter what the circumstances of 2015 will hold. No matter what the circumstances of 2014 that may still be chasing us and clouding our vision, we have hope. If we believe the Bible, you have told us so.

Help us walk in the truth of your hope, your love and your life – this year of 2015!

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