“2 Questions that Have Changed Our World – a focus on the Here and Now!” (evaluate)

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Awhile back, Ron and I started asking each other 2 questions. I don’t know how it started or where the idea came from. But at the close of a week, at some point when we found a moment to actually look each other in the eye, we would reflect together with these 2 questions. Sometimes, it was on a date, a blissful date at the close of a hard week of work and kids. But other times, it was just on the couch after a show, at the table as the kids were getting ready for bed or in bed ourselves before we drifted off to sleep.

We had no idea the power of these 2 questions in our marriage and now in our family as we have started doing it all together. It causes us to pause and look around at the story going on. It helps us understand the pulse of each other and what has been important in the week. It knits us tighter, and it causes us to reflect on the “Here and Now.” And it is so simple! 2 questions – everyone answers! Sometime over the weekend during one of your family dinners!

What do you celebrate this week?

What was your greatest challenge this week?

Our kids even lead the charge now. If Ron or I forget, one of them will usually say: “hey, the questions. We need to do the celebration/challenge thing? I’ll start. . . .”

If our role as parents is to guide our children to the bigger story and equip them for the adventure, then we must in the moment “live out loud.” When we share the moments of challenge and celebration, they hear our heart and how we are “real time” working it out ourselves. This transparency is powerful. And it is so simple – 2 questions!

As well, when we take the moment to stop the schedule and look them in the eye, we show them their words and experiences are important too. They are valuable, and their hearts need our care, understanding and “high five’s.”

Just wait – you won’t believe it! Next Friday night dinner or something, just ask 2 questions – What do you celebrate this week? What was your greatest challenge? You might need to word them differently or get the ball rolling with answers of your own, but give it a go!
And if your kids are too small, just begin the habit with your spouse. Our kids are 9 and 11, and we just started it last year with them. You will know the right timing, and it is never too late to start. This is another great piece to the Evaluate tool – helping you as families focus on the “here and now.”

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

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