“Ada’s Aha Moment” (God card #5 – Boomerang)

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We were doing our spelling this morning along with God card #5 – Boomerang. I believe God is coming back for me.

Spelling looks like this: Whatever God card we are doing that week, I read verses from the card. Maya, Ada and Carson write the verses on a piece of paper. Whatever words they misspell becomes their spelling list for the week. Presto! Spelling is done on words they actually don’t know how to spell. The words are from the Bible, pretty good place to find some words. And it is one more touch to get these verses “working” in their minds and hearts! I like to call it a “win-win.” Carson doesn’t see it that way, but that is a story for another day!

On this day, I am focusing on Ada and her “aha” moment. I was reading Revelation 22:12-13 and John 14:1-4.

From there, we just started talking about the verses – what they meant and what Jesus promised to do. He is coming back. Questions came: “Why doesn’t he come right now? When is he coming back? Why didn’t he tell us more?”

Then, Ada looks at me and says: “Ohhhhhhhhh, so that is why he says to go and share the gospel. He wants everyone to know before he comes. He has a room for them. Okay. I get it.”

Ohhhhhh. . . . Ahhhh . . . . Sigh . . . That IS why!

Ada didn’t go first to a “to do” of our Christian faith. She doesn’t even know the word “evangelism.” She began first in what God and Jesus are up to – making rooms for all of us and making a way for all of us to be together. Father God wants all of us to know, and he wants us, those of us with a room already, to tell the others. There are rooms being prepared for us, cool ones, and he has a way for us all to get there. We don’t have to live troubled.

Ada’s “to do” flows from a promise of Father’s love, and it is out of Ada’s love for others that she sees the need to do. Her action of sharing the gospel is a response to his love!

Good times!

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