“Game Night – God card Charades”

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Sometimes after dinner, we will play a game or two before bedtime! Our kids love all kinds of games, but any chance to get Daddy silly is always a bonus in our house! So, they wanted to play charades, and then one of them had the idea to play it with the God cards. Ron and I couldn’t disagree with such a great idea! Maybe they just wanted to stay up later, and they knew this topic would give them a few more minutes. But maybe not!!!!!

Somebody grabbed the God card poster.

The first person to act picked a number between 1-42. We wrote the number down on a post-it note just so we would remember which cards have been picked.

Once they picked a number, they looked at the poster to see which God card correlated to that number.

Next, they acted out the God card, and we all guessed! They kept acting until we figured it out. If we got stuck, they could give us a hint.

It was a great time, and we were amazed how many they knew and could bring from memory. It was a really beautiful thing as Ron and I realized these attributes of God are in them. They know Father God to be an artist, a fort, a nightlight, a warrior, etc. It was so cool to watch it happen before our very eyes. It was great to put all of the God cards together in one evening and celebrate with some family silliness.

Lots of laughter and lots of truth – all in one evening! Nothing better!

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