“A Post Ski Trip Gathering” (God card #30 – Hide and Seek)

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We got together with our ski trip group the week after we returned from Breckenridge.

We had some great dinner and share together some words for God card #30. I believe God plays hide and seek. The kids chose this card, because they had played many games of hide and seek while on the trip. So, this picture triggered an immediate experience. This is the goal with the God cards. Our kids know the fun of hide and seek, the thrill of finding just the right place and the anticipation of being found! It is a great metaphor for Father. He too waits to found.

After dinner, we all sat around the table with some paper and markers. We went around the circle and read each verse on the God card. We had some discussion and then everyone went to work creating their response. We all looked and listened for the verse that stood out to us or a picture that came to mind while the verses were being read. We all worked for a minute and then went around and shared our thoughts, words or pictures. Some of us drew pictures of the verses, some just wrote words that stood out and one of the moms did a role play that came to her heart as she meditated on the verses. The goal is creative expression, however that fleshes out is great! We have done these cards in so many ways using so many different mediums.

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