God “Longs for our Love!” (God card #24)

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In the middle of making coffee and emptying the dishwasher, one of my many thoughts was this: What card is this week? So, after I poured my cereal and found my place at the kitchen table, I opened up the Plan and for this week of February 3-9, the topic was God card #24 – Longs for our love! Ahhh. . . This is going to be a rich conversation.

So, after all three little people living in our home woke up and had cereal of their own, we made our way into some conversation. We started our God card discussion like most. Everyone got out their Bibles. We read the God card title and talked about what it meant. Everyone looked up a verse from the card and read their verses. We highlighted in our Bibles the verse they found and marked those verses with the label – God card #24 in the margin.

I felt like their attention was waning, so on this card I went a different route from drawing pictures. We needed some acting in the morning! So, I just said: “you now have to act out your verses. You can be the director of your set of verses, and you can include any of us that you want in your play. The goal is to re-enact the story in the verses you read. So, each one of them took the lead and made a plan for each of us to take part in the role play. With props and parts, we all engaged in a lively re-telling of Mary and Martha, the woman giving all she had, and the woman who washed Jesus’ feet. It was beautiful and fun all at the same time.

We finished our converation with a simple prayer and celebrated a moment to remember 3 rich stories of Jesus wanting nothing more than our attention and focus! He wants our eyes fixed on him. He delights in our choosing him. And he celebrates the gifts we bring! This is a great way to start Monday!

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