“I am Totally Forgiven” (Me card #5)

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We came again to the conversation of Me card #5 – I am totally forgiven. And for this discussion, we used a simple piece of white copy paper and some markers to get the ideas working in our minds and hearts! It was such a rich conversation.

We were all at the kitchen table – Bible, Me card #5, copy paper and markers! That was it! We talked about the card. We looked up the verse. We highlighted the verse and wrote in the margin – Me card #5 next to Colossians 2:13-14. I then asked them to fold the paper into four squares. I was kind of making this up as I went along. In the first square, I told them to write the Me card title and verse address. In the second square, we then created a simple T chart – on one side what God did in this verse and on the other side, what we did in this verse. In the third square, I had them draw a picture of anything that caught their attention in the verses. And in the last square, they were to write a “so what?” thought. Why does all this matter to them? It could be in a prayer to Father or just some thoughts on the matter. It was amazing to see those simple pieces of white copy paper come alive as they responded to a truth found in his Holy Word.

Check out the pictures to see the treasures!

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