“Locker #4 and the Master Key!”

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This past weekend I had one too many “firsts!” I had my first “embarrassing throw-up” moment and my first “Jessica McClure” moment (you remember the little girl trapped in the well?!?).

Anyways, we were at a birthday party at the YMCA indoor pool, and all of the sudden, Maya runs from the pool with mouth covered. And, yes, she says the words – “Mommy, I think I am going to throw up.” Instantly, my Mom alertness and agility kicks in, and we make record time to the bathroom or at least we made it to the bathroom door. So, there we were, Maya and I, right in the middle of the party, right in the middle of the entry from the indoor pool to the bathroom, and all of lunch is now displayed.

I suppose I should be grateful that she didn’t throw up in the pool.

As I quickly shuffled Maya into the bathroom to finish the fiasco, I also quickly began to collect our things. Certainly, the birthday party was over for us as I had visions of spreading this possible bug to the entire birthday group. I thankfully remembered I had another daughter to collect and as I was explaining to both of them that we could not stay any longer, I was met with some great resistance. Maya was sure that she could join the party again and looked forward to the pizza and cake to come. All I could see was the pizza and cake coming to meet us again most assuredly on the ride home in the suburban. As an act of her defiance, Maya chose to find the nearest locker in the ladies bathroom and close herself inside of it. I distinctly remember hearing her slam the door and say to me – “I am not leaving. I want to stay at the party.” I finally found Maya in locker #4, and as I went to get her out, I realized that the door was not opening. I think she realized this fact at the same moment. The chaotic conversation between the two of us went like this:

“Mommy, get me out!”
“Honey, I am trying, but the door will not open. Can you open it from your side?”
“No, Mommy, just get me out of here!”

I put Ada on watch in front of #4, and I went to fetch help. There must be a key that unlocks this door! Thankfully, I found some help pretty quickly, and she promised to return with a key. Unfortunately, she did not return with a key but with the news that they did not have a key to locker #4!?! But she promised to call her manager to see what they could do. How does a Mom respond to such a thing? In my mind, I am thinking: “See what they can do?!? I want to know how quickly you are going to figure this out and when do we need to call 911 so that they can begin to use the jaws of life to break open this locker door before my daughter suffocates. Of all the lockers she could have chosen, Maya chooses the one without a key. This is just great!” I was out of smiles and patient glances! As I waited for what seemed like hours, the Y employee did return with what she called a master key! Maya was finally freed from her self-inflicted confinement. I will never forget her face as she stepped into freedom.

I have been talking to Father God about this incident ever since it happened. I found it interesting that in Maya’s rebellion and anger, she locked herself up. What seemed like a stance of strength and defiance ended up being a jail term without a key! In this year, I pray for two things.

First, I pray for us – freedom! What is your locker #4? What are you insisting on getting your way and in the process of such defiance locking yourself up? What areas of control will you not release – your marriage, your finances, your children, your weight, your calendar, your problems, etc.

Second, I pray for us – the answer! The answer to our confinement in locker #4 is the “master key” – Father God. In The Message, the introductory heading to Romans 8 reads – “The Solution is Life on God’s Terms.” Whatever the question, Father God is the answer! Romans 8 can be our battle cry this year! Take some time this week and read it on www.biblegateway.com in The Message translation. There is life to be lived; he set it right for us once and for all. Whatever the situation, he is the master key for your rescue, the healing for your pain, and the answer to your question.

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