Maya and Father’s Great Conversation! (Story card #4 and study)

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We want our children to know that Father God speaks. In all kinds of ways, he is looking for conversation and relationship. He created everything, so why wouldn’t he use all aspects of his creation to draw us to his love and attention? In this moment, he used the Bible to remind Maya that he is watching over her all the time. In this moment, Maya will never forget she has a Father in heaven speaking to her! The picture above tells the story best, but let me give you a few words too.

We were studying Psalm 103. As I write, I have no memory as to why. I do love that chapter, and for some reason, we were letting it rest over us. Anyways, after we read the chapter, utilizing our favorite study questions, we made our “circles and underlines!” We asked first: “who are you, God?” and we circled those things in the chapter that answered that question. Then, we asked: “what do you want me to do?” and we underlined those things.

Maya wanted to take it a step further. So, deciding to stay at the table for a bit longer, she wrote out on 2 pieces of paper her “circles and underlines.” You can see her lists on the picture above. After she was done, she was overwhelmed with the number of “circles.” We always are! He is faithful to always outdo us with his love and pursuit. She even wrote at the top of her page – 20. On her “underlined” page, she noted there were 6. And I remember her saying to me: “Mom, do you realize God does 14 more things for me? Wow! 14! He always gives us more circles!!!!”

We celebrated this fact for a minute. It is important and one that I missed growing up! Father God has out-done us with his love and pursuit. I know I have said that already, but I really want you to hear it. Let this truth rest over you. Before you move to what you are “to do,” enjoy those 20 things. Read them from “Maya’s list” or from Psalm 103. You could even make your own list with your family!

I then went a step further and said to her: “Maya, I wonder if Father has something he wants to say to you in the number “14.” That number really impressed you. Maybe he has a word for you! Do you want to check it out?”

She was up for the adventure. So, like with any number we get, we started in Psalm and just started reading the chapter number we were given. We went to Psalm 14 first. Check out the incredible verse Father God had for Maya that day. I had her write the verse on a napkin and put on the family board.

“The Lord has looked down from heaven to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God.” Psalm 14:2

Maya’s face was priceless. I will not forget her look of surprise. She said: “do you think he thinks that about me? That is what I was doing. He saw me do that!”

YES! Father God sees you, Maya. He sees all of us. He is waiting for our pursuit. And when we seek after him, he will speak his love and pursuit over us. He is a Father who “forgives, heals, satisfies, renews, etc.” (Psalm 103)! There are always more “circles,” and he is always speaking!

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  1. Love, love, love that our God gives us so many circles! And I love your precious family that lives in pursuit of Him, inspiring us all on the path to John 10:10 life! We are grateful for your friendship, wisdom, and encouragement. And we LOVE the website; I know God will use it in a beautiful way!

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