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“Roll Down the Windows and Sing!”

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I was talking on the phone to a friend of mine the other day. She is recently walking through some difficult days, days that demand more strength than she has. Days that have been filled with tears, accusation, hurt, betrayal, sickness, and pain. Her details have fallen apart, and she is beginning again in more ways than she wants to count. With this, she has met Father God again, and they have been having some rich conversations. I wanted to share her words with you. “Karla, I lived a life of justification and rationalization. The standard I held for myself was low, and I made too many allowances – for my husband, my job, my children, etc. I had money, stability...

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Say Yes – part 5 – “Stories from the Toolbox” (study and breathe)

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“The classical Disciplines of the spiritual life call us to move beyond surface living into the depths. . . . The purpose of the Disciplines is liberation from the stifling slavery. . . . The Disciplines allow us to place ourselves before God so that he can transform us. . . . They are meant to bring the abundance of God into our lives.” Richard Foster in Celebration of Discipline I wanted to share with you some Spiritual Discipline stories from my journey thus far, a few quick stories about Bible Study, Fasting and Journaling. Engaging in these activities is another great way to respond to Father God’s love. There are many more disciplines than I will discuss...

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Say Yes – part 1 – “Christmas is . . .”

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“Christmas has arrived again . . . . Somehow I realized that songs, music, good feelings, beautiful liturgies, nice presents, big dinners, and many sweet words do not make Christmas. Christmas is saying ‘yes’ to something beyond all emotions and feelings. Christmas is saying ‘yes’ to a hope based on God’s initiative, which has nothing to do with what I think or feel. Christmas is believing that the salvation of the world is God’s work and not mine. Things will never look just right or feel just right. If they did, someone would be lying. The world is not whole, and today I experienced this fact in my own unhappiness. But it is into this broken world that a...

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“Run After Father! Take the Land!”

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Okay, so I buy it. I want the “life that is truly life.” I want the extravagance whether in plenty or pain, the authenticity without agenda or arrogance. I want all of Father God and what he wants me to know and experience. I want sight! I believe that he calls me by name and loves me. I can see now those that have walked before me that have tasted of this “life.” And I certainly see the love of Brother Jesus in the word and his ways. I believe that he did come so that I could “have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10. I am tasting the love, and I want The Whole Peach. So, what’s the problem? What will prevent me from experiencing this “life?” Is...

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“Pictures of Peach People”

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It is a story he has always been telling and longing for us to hear. So, what is the story? And who is he that has been telling it? The story is “life that is truly life.” It’s extravagance whether in plenty or pain; it’s real without agenda or arrogance. A “life that is truly life” has been scripted by our Father God since the beginning of time, and he invites us today to see, seek and savor all that he is and wants us to be. A picture of this extravagance happened long before we ever knew it. We have realized that Father God had been whispering this story all along through the people he has weaved in our journey. Whispers of his love and his vision had...

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