“The God cards Under her Pillow”

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After the 3rd “get-up” and last “tuck in” last night, I was reaching deep into my bag of tricks to find the thing that would comfort Maya’s crying eyes. Ron had left for Louisiana yesterday afternoon, and Maya was overcome with sadness and fear. “I just miss Daddy. I don’t feel comfortable when he is gone. Aren’t you scared all by yourself, Mommy? What if?” And so the conversation went – the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time. We hugged; we prayed; we talked logically through all the options; we hugged again. We even called Daddy.

Finally, in desperation or identification, I gave Maya the idea of getting the God cards and sleeping with them. She could remember all that Father God promises to be for her. We had already talked that evening of depending on Father even more than you depend on Daddy. We are only to hold on and fix our eyes on the Living God – Jeremiah 10:10. Father wants to be more real to you than even Daddy. Ask him – “be real to me tonight, Father.”

So, she took the God cards and later as I tucked her in one last time, I found them inside her pillowcase right under her head (couldn’t have been comfortable??). As I moved them under her pillow, I thanked Father for giving her his peace. She was finally resting.

This morning, we were debriefing, and I asked – What finally worked?

Her reply: “The God cards, because they reminded me of who he was.”

Karla: Why was that important?

Maya: “Because all of those cards about him. I mean there would probably be one card about fear, but there were 42 about him. I mean that is alot.”

Karla: So, in the face of fear, Father showed himself to be stronger. Through his word, you remembered! And this truth guided you off to sleep!

Maya: “yea, uh huh.”

I love it. All those days of God cards, all those times of drawing pictures, all those moments of praying. Maya was afraid last night to the point of “big tears.” And in that fear, she found strength in his Word and his promises of “being there for her” – her nightlight, her muscle, her fort, her warrior, etc.

The power of the God cards – every card is an investment in the story between Father and your child! You are giving them pictures of who he is, and these pictures give your child strength in the battle! However it fleshes out in your home, keep moving. Keep sharing, and keep believing in the power of this investment!

Deep breath. Sigh. We begin again this day!

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