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8th day to PRAY for 2015!

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Today we are praying the story of Gideon, compliments of my friend Heather! Here is part of her email to me yesterday – “I am in Judges 6 this morning for my reading. Gideon is chosen by God to fight the Midianites. When the angel of God is informing Gideon of his plans, Gideon’s first response is questions, lots of questions. ‘Where have you been, God? Why did you abandon us? Why did you choose me?’ God’s reply to Gideon: ‘Go in the strength that you have.’ It struck me that God’s preference when sending us into battle is ‘unequal to the task.’ More room for His glory. I also think about Gideon sitting...

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“The Chickadee and 2 Samuel 22”

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My home is a mess! Three days of handy men traipsing in and through my house has left it in one crazy state! We had new windows put in the kids’ rooms. They also re-caulked (is that a word?!) the bathtub, replaced the kitchen faucet, painted the hallway and Carson’s entire room for that matter, fixed the door frame that had been broken in a “time out gone bad” (that is a story for another time!!) and a few other things that now I have already forgotten. The invoice coming will be sure to remind me. Needless to say, I want nothing more than to get at my house with my handy swiffer, new vacuum and Clorox wipes. Ron even so beautifully volunteered to take the kids...

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“Three Choices!”

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Today I have been met by a load of opposition – client confrontation, vendor confrontation, and nagging issues at the office. And I know the enemy is using this opposition, these circumstances, to cause me to doubt, wring my hands and question my value or ability to accomplish God’s purposes. How many times have you felt like that? Are you in circumstances right now that cause you “to doubt, wring your hands and question your value or ability?” I had been in Micah 7 this morning (literally a random “open the Bible and read”) and now I see these verses were total preparation for the chaos that confronted me at work. “But as for me, I will watch expectantly...

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“The Mirky Feeling”

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I am feeling mirky today. I find it difficult to see the big picture, trapped in the mindless endeavors of dirty dishes and constant clutter, the objections to my great ideas by the little people in our house and the quiet of mind without full-time work responsibilities beyond this home. Why can’t I have one day without a load of laundry? How about a grateful, eager response when I ask to bring your dishes to the counter? And where is my important meeting to clinch the next deal? Sigh. And so the cloudiness ensues. But not too far behind is the lightning strikes of condemnation. “How could YOU be so ungrateful? It is probably just another day of not exercising...

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